Which is the best paint for … ?

I’m often asked which paint do I use for walls, woodwork, inside, outside etc. With the wide range of paint types available it’s easy to see why it can be confusing. I thought therefore I’d write this short blog post to help clarify things a little.

Paint at the Home Decorating Centre, Kirkbymoorside

With interiors, you can categorise them as follows;

Paint for ceilings and walls:

You need an emulsion, they’re:

  • water based (so you can wash your brushes in the sink)
  • quick drying (within an hour)
  • low odour

There are 3 main types of emulsion:

  • Matt – meaning it’s not shiny. Good for using everywhere.
  • Silk –  shiny. Good for cleaning/wiping down if you walls that get marked.
  • Soft sheen/satin – it’s in the middle, shiny wise. Best for kitchens and bathrooms.

Paint for woodwork (doors, architrave, skirting, dado and picture rails):

Note: If you are painting bare wood it will need three coats. The first being a primer coat, which is often water based and similar to matt emulsion. Also if the wood is new and has knots these need treating with knotting compound or they will ‘bleed’ through the new paint.

  • used to be oil based (clean your brushes in white spirit) but are increasing acrylic (water based)
  • higher odour
  • oil based take longer to dry (over 4 hours) while acrylics are quick drying

1. Undercoat This is applied first as the name suggests or on new wood after the primer. It allows the top coat to bond. If you don’t use undercoat, the topcoat will peel off in no time at all – especially on window sills or places where it is vulnerable to being bashed or sunlight.

2. Topcoat – you have a choice of either:

  • Gloss which is very shiny, or
  • Satin/Eggshell which is about half as shiny as gloss.

Note: You can buy topcoats that are called One Coat Gloss/Satin. Invented because painting woodwork can be time consuming. I suggest using this paint on woodwork that is already in good condition (and has previously been painted) and simply needs freshening up. You may pay slightly more for them per tin but the saving time-wise may make them a worthwhile investment for you.

Hope this helps – if you have any queries do give me a ring on 01751 431187 or pop into the shop.

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